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Microanalysis has been active since 1992

in the field of laboratory analysis, serving the entire Greek territory, Cyprus, and the Balkan countries.
With consistent excellence in service provision, it exceeds the expectations of its clients daily, offering them an unparalleled service experience.

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Microanalysis, with its continuous effort for evolution and collaboration with specialized and certified laboratories, covers the entire spectrum of medical diagnostic examinations. It stands as a pioneer in the field of laboratory analyses with a long-standing presence in the industry.

our People

At the core of Microanalysis lies a remarkable team of individuals consisting of experienced professionals in the healthcare industry. This team is dedicated to achieving precision and excellence in the field of laboratory analyses on a daily basis.

Our company supports its successful journey through the efforts of its Administrative, Scientific, and Specialized Staff, who create a dynamic framework of harmonious collaboration for the common good. Their commitment to providing the highest standards of health analyses reflects the depth of their experience. We take pride in our team and their dedication to the superior quality and accuracy demanded by our analyses.


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with Quality, Speed, Organization, Reliability

At Microanalysis, we understand the importance of providing fast results for our clients. Our technological innovation and the use of new methods allow us to deliver high-quality services with speed and precision.

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